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Not sure why you support this. maybe you'll take there your benefit as well. I neither support this nor I plan to play the game, I'm just looking at it from objective point of view. It is bullshit that you cant report PS4 and PS Vita Games. All these glitching, Trophy delete and such shouldnt be here tolerated. Trophy Order is still fucked up and obviously doesnt look traditional legit. Just like the fastest achiever on DmC:DE as well. You can suggest it on Feedback forum. If you present valid reasoning, Sly may reconsider it. If I understand correctly, this is modifying data being sent to the game in order to trigger things that wouldn't normally be triggered. I'm fairly certain that's literally hacking. It's far beyond merely abusing a bug or error that is already in the game. And the fact that the actual hacking is only possible on the PC doesn't make it acceptable because the PS4 is directly affected by it. You do raise a valid point. But the modification cannot be done unless there is a bug in the first place. Afaik, it started 'working' due to latest patch... As I said, it's ugly people would go so low to do it, but it's not hacking the trophy in my opinion... Sly is the only one who can confirm or deny this...

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Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ Review Infinite money Late in the game's campaign, the "An Eye For Eye" main operation will become available, with "A Real Dog Fight" sub-mission as its fifth main component. During the "A Real Dog Fight" sub-mission, you will go down a large freight elevator. When it reaches the proper floor, proceed to the indicated in-game mission area with the double doors, and hack the camera to see a room full of people with a man and woman standing next to each other giving a speech. The man is Pablo The Skinner. Point the camera at him and hack him to get approximately 18, 000. Then, simply display your phone, select "Game Options" choose "Reload Last Checkpoint" and repeat the process as many times as desired. When the checkpoint loads, you can run into the back left corner of the elevator and hack Pablo The Skinner to do this even quicker. You can get over 1 million in less than an hour using this glitch. Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It will probably eventually get patched. To avoid not being able to use this exploit, either do not install new patches before using this exploit or delete the patches. You can avoid patches being installed by disconnecting from the internet until you are ready for the game to install new patches. Easy money To get money quickly and early in the game, keep completing Driver San Francisco missions by simply driving passengers to their desired locations. Unique vehicles Search the indicated location or complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding unique vehicle. Unique vehicles are displayed on the map as a blue car icon when you are near them. Most are found in fixed locations. Many of them can be found throughout the open world, and once you find one and sit in it you can have it delivered to you for free at any time. CHP-AAD (Kitt Car) This vehicle becomes available in the Muscle Car section after completing the CyberDriver Main Operation. The Danger Mobile: Go to the following location to find it. It is parked between two houses on an island between San Francisco and Oakland, near Yerba Buena Island. The Dangerzone: Go to the following location to find it. This vehicle requires the RC Jumper. Go to the set of underground garages across the street from Nudle in Silicon Valley. Search for the two sets of garage doors, and use your RC Jumper to enter through a vent. Destroy the wooden plank hiding a red BLUME box, and hack it to open the other garage and access the vehicle. The Flip Wagon: Go to the following location to find it. It is located in an alleyway at the north side of the park near the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. The Mountain King: Go to the following location to find it. It is located in Oakland, near your safehouse. Once you have found the vehicle, use your RC Jumper to cross the locked gate and unlock the red BLUME box to access it. The Nudle Car: This vehicle becomes available after completing the Main Operation where you hack into Nudle's servers. The Rainbow Missile: Go to the following location to find it. It is located in San Mateo near Silicon Valley. In one of the yards, you should be able to find a woman and a robot. Before you do anything, first distract both of them. Once you have done that, unlock the red BLUME box located nearby. This will allow you to open the gate and drive the vehicle away. The Red Thunder (Ice Cube) Go to the following location to find it. It is located near the lighthouse by the Golden Gate Bridge. While at the lighthouse, you should be able to see a campsite with the Ice Cube. The Wrecker: Go to the following location to find it. It is located in the Port of Oakland. Use your Quadcopter to scan the area. Look for a bunch of shipping containers stacked together. It is inside the open blue shipping container that is on top of some other stacked containers. Gnome outfit Obtain all ten Gnome collectibles to unlock the Gnome outfit. All Gnome locations Search the indicated locations to find all ten Gnomes: 1. Go to Papa B's Pawn Shop in Tenderloin to find it on a shelf inside. 2. Go to the Tidis corporation shipping facility, north of the Palace of Fine Arts. This is a front for the Brava crime syndicate. The Gnome is near the front gate, inside a doghouse. 3. Go a block north of Embarcadero Center, and enter the alleyway across from the park. Look for a rainbow-colored awning on a bus stop to know if you are going the right way. Go over the fence and climb the ladder to find a vent. Use the RC Jumper to enter the vent. Use the Blume control box inside before going to the rooftop. The ventilation duct will now be unlocked. Enter it to find the Gnome. 4. Look for a gang controlled lot with a small mobile home near the San Francisco to Oakland freeway. There is wheelbarrow full of dark liquid nearby that contains the Gnome. 5. Go to the HAUM Data Center. The block next to it has a parking lot and a small brick building with a mural of a unicorn on it. Reach the roof of this building to find the Gnome. 6. Go to the top level of the east block of the Transbay Center. Activate the RC Jumper (requires the "Enhanced Spring" ability) off the shorter hedge to access the walled-off area. The Gnome is found inside. 7. Go to Stache and Vine, near the Mission-Dolores Hackerspace. Across the street is a grey building. Reach the rooftop of the building to find the Gnome near the hot tub. 8. Search for the garden west of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. Enter from the corner of Doobie Donuts, and go inside the alleyway. The Gnome can be found up the first set of stairs. 9. Go to the west end of the park near the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Go to the rooftop of Taqueria to find the Gnome. 10. Go to the tunnel between Lake Merritt and the Coliseum in Oakland. Climb up the small dock inside and use the ladder to find the Gnome. Money bag locations Search the indicated locations to find the money bags: Marin Point Bonita and Kirby Cove 1. This money bag is located inside a drainage near a bunker and requires the RC Jumper. There are enemies around but you do not need to worry about them. Use the RC Jumper to access the restricted area. 2. Go to the Golden Gate Bridge and find the building controlled by The Sons Of Ragnarok. Approach it from the south using a boat to find the money bag. Vista Point and Horseshoe Bay 1. Search nearby the restrooms near Vista Point to find the money bag. 2. Enter the main dock to find the money bag. 3. Locate the underground level during the mission in this area. The area is blocked by some boxes that you need to destroy before getting the bag. Sausalito and the Gates Houseboats 1. Enter the restricted area of this section of the map to find the money bag inside a house, on the balcony. 2. Go to the house guarded by gang members to find the money bag in the backyard. 3. There is a ramp on the pier; use a bike to jump off it and reach the other side to get the money bag. San Francisco Fort Point 1. Go to the southern tower of the Golden Gate Bridge to find the money bag. 2. Reach the top of Fort Point to find the money bag between construction tools and materials. 3. Locate the outdoor basketball court to find the money bag between the two cars. Fisherman's Wharf 1. Go to the end of the main pier to find the money bag. 2. The money bag can be found during the research case you get for this area. 3. Go to the end of the dock and locate the gang members to find two money bags they have surrounded. 4. Go to the underground parking that is guarded by gang members to find the money bag. 5. Go to the parking garage that is behind the fenced-off area to find the money bag on the second floor. Downtown San Francisco 1. Locate the lower courtyard that is guarded by gang members. Use the RC Jumper to jump onto the plants along the eastern wall to find the money bag. 2. Locate the parking garage to find the money bag in a fenced off area at street level. 3. While on the streets, locate the backyard guarded by gang members to find the money baf in this same area. 4. Go to the construction area to find the money bag inside a container. Coit Tower 1. Go to the rooftop of the WKZ Station building to find the money bag. 2. Go to the rooftop that is heavily guarded by gang members to find the money bag. 3. Go to the park to find the money bag next to a tent. Needle Park 1. Go to the second level of Transbay Centre to find the money bag inside a garbage bag. Mission Delores Park 1. Go to the rooftop of the police station to find the money bag. 2. Locate the construction area near the freeway. The money bag is above the office of a construction worker. San Bruno Mountain 1. Go to the southeastern corner of the compound and jump on the roof of a small building next to it. Enter the restricted area to find the money bag. 2. Go to the fenced area near the gas station to find the money bag. 3. Locate the drainage tunnel in the area to find the money bag inside. Alcatraz 1. Go to the dock near the restricted area to find the money bag. 2. Locate the drainage pipe near the ocean and swim inside to find the money bag. Yerba Buena 1. You get the money bag during the first mission. 2. Use the Quadcopter to scope the fenced area guarded by gang members. Use the RC Jumper to access the money bag. Silicon Valley Crystal Spring 1. Go to the gas station in the area to find the money bag at the carport. 2. Enter the locked garage in the New Dawn Temple complex to find the money bag. Palo Alto 1. Go to the building guarded by police officers to find the money bag. 2. Enter the alley guarded by gang members to find the money bag. 3. Go to the pawn shop in the area to find the money bag on the roof. Stanford University 1. Go to the backyard to get the money bag from the gang members. South Silicon Valley 1. Go to the kitchen of Rhonda's Restaurant to find the money bag inside. Nudle and Galilei 1. Go to the under-construction house in the area to find the money bag. All Key Data locations and solutions Search the indicated locations and complete the listed tasks to collect all hidden Key Data and get the "Researcher" trophy. It is also needed to buy certain skills and upgrades. The Key Data locations are shown in-game and easy to find. Open the research app on your phone and press Triangle on a key data skill. It will show you the rough search area on the map, not always the exact location. You can use the Quadcopter and press the Right Analog-stick to scan the world for nearby collectibles. Figuring out the solutions to these puzzles is the harder part. Many of them require the RC Jumper or Quadcopter (RC Jumper is one of the first story unlocks; Quadcopter must be bought in Hacker HQ. One Key Data requires the "Environmental RC" skill (costs two research points. All the others can be found without the use of skill upgrades. You can reach all key data early in the game, after unlocking the research app. They are saved instantly when you collect them, and none are missable. You can also view which ones you have found in the research app. Timeline Remote Ctrl 1. Speed Boost - 0:05 2. Enhanced Spring - 1:08 3. Expert RC Engineering - 2:02 4. Remote Gadgets - 2:36 Vehicle Hacking 5. Engine Override - 3:10 6. Massive Vehicle Hack - 3:40 7. Botnet Savings: Vehicle Hacks - 4:34 8. Chopper Retreat Exploit - 5:13 Social Engineering 9. Gang War - 5:57 10. Botnet Savings: Personal Devices - 6:34 City Disruption 11. Security System Shutdown - 7:13 12. Botnet Savings: City Hacking - 7:51 13. Massive System Crash - 9:51 14. System Crash Upgrade: Blackout - 11:38 Tinkering 15. Tweaked Blast - 12:15 16. Explosive Optimization - 12:44 17. Expert Tinkering - 13:44 18. Electro Shock Optimization - 14:26 Marksmanship 19. Stun Amp Up - 16:09 20. Fast Trigger Finger - 20:06 21. Steady Hands - 20:30 22. Keen Eye - 20:55 23. Strong Grip - 21:28 24. Target Weakness - 21:52 Easy "A Ride To Remember" trophy Unique vehicles are displayed on the map when you are near them. They are found in fixed locations. There are many of them that can be found throughout the open world, and once you find one you can have it delivered to you for free at any time. Go to the following location in the Port of Oakland and press R3 to scan the area. A blue car icon will be displayed when you get close to it. Hack the large container crane to create a path. Once you are at the top, use the "Vehicle Directional Hack" skill (costs two research points) to move the car out of the container and get the "A Ride To Remember" trophy. Easy "DedSec-A-Roni" trophy Cable cars are found driving around the inner city of San Francisco near the Transamerica Pyramid. Go to the following location. Then, either follow the tracks on the road or wait for a cable car to arrive. They only drive around a very small area. Easy "Doggyland" trophy You can simply pet the same dog ten times in a row to get the "Doggyland" trophy. You will frequently find dogs throughout the open world. A fixed spawn point can be found at the following location at Pier 39 by the restaurant (north San Francisco. When you fast travel to this area, a dog will always spawn. You can also find many dogs at the beach when it is sunny outside. Easy "Feeding Frenzy" trophy This can be done in San Francisco. Near the "Dye Dude Kiosk" marked on map) is a donut shop. During the day, you can find a man wearing a donut costume. He does not spawn at night, only by day during business hours. Buy the "APB: Suspect Located" and "Botnet Upgrade" skils (six research points required. Then, call the cops on the donut guy using the skill for them to come and arrest him and get the "Feeding Frenzy" trophy. Note: You may also want to take a picture of the donut guy before he gets arrested. He counts as a ScoutX Challenge for the "Got The Shutterbug" trophy. Easy "Hold My Hair" trophy A great location to find vomiting people is near the bar at Jack London Square at the Pier in Oakland. Vomiting people will often spawn at the pier during the day and night. They show up randomly. so depending on your luck this may take a little while. Look out for drunk people (the ones that look sick. Just keep running up and down the pier for a while until you find someone vomiting, then take their picture to get the "Hold My Hair" trophy. Easy "In Style" trophy Fast travel to the "Plainstock" clothing store in Oakland (eastern part of the map. This can be done from the beginning. Buy the "Gatorfeet Whine Country" shoes for 65 to get the "In Style" trophy. Easy "Jump Around" trophy The fastest motorcycle in the game, called the "Sayonara" is recommended for doing this trophy. You can purchase it at elite car dealerships and have it delivered to you. Go to the following location in San Francisco and use the ramp to perform a long stunt jump. If you have any issues, buy the "Engine Override" skill that unlocks nitro. With the extra nitro speed, it will be much easier, but it is not required. Easy "Let Me Ride" trophy You must first buy the "Vehicle Directional Hack" skill (costs two research points. This skill allows you to remote control vehicles. Just climb on the roof of a car and press L1 + Triangle, then travel 200 meters to get the "Let Me Ride" trophy. Easy "Miniroadtrip. trophy The Merengue can be bought from Total Motors car dealerships. It is a standard class vehicle and costs 43, 125. After purchasing it, you can get it from the car dealer's garage or you use the "Car On Demand" app to have it delivered to you. Then, drive 4 km (2. 5 miles) with this car to get the "Miniroadtrip. trophy. Just drive it along a highway to quickly get it. You will get the trophy after stopping the vehicle, not while driving it. Easy "Only God Can Judge Me" trophy Fast travel to the "Nudle Vending Machine" in the south of Silicon Valley. It is marked on the map from the beginning. Buy a t-shirt for 5 from the vending machine to get the "Only God Can Judge Me" trophy. Easy "Photobombed. trophy Simply walk around with your camera until someone makes a funny pose. The NPCs will do this very frequently when you aim the camera at them. This works well on sidewalks. Easy "Smooth Felon" trophy Go to the location shown in the video and start shooting at people until someone calls the cops. Kill the police to quickly raise your wanted level. At Level 5, drive through the underground parking garages. Close the doors behind you by pressing L1 + X. Inside the last garage, lock the door by pressing L1 + Triangle. When the door is powered down, nobody can enter. This effect runs out after a few seconds. so you must quickly power it up and down again if cops are outside. If they did not see you driving into the garage (your radar turned yellow) this should be easy. After your radar turns yellow, you must stay out of sight for one minute. If this route does not work on the first try, just drive through all the parking garages again at a higher speed. Try to be out of sight by the time you reach the last garage. Trophies Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy: Graduation Day (Platinum) Win every trophy. 100% Legit (Silver) Finish Operation: 911. Baby, I Got Your Money (Silver) Finish Operation: False Profits. Hypnotize (Silver) Finish Operation: W4tched. Informer (Silver) Finish Operation: Limp Nudle. Joined the Mile High Club (Silver) Finish Operation: Hack teh World. Knight Ridden (Silver) Finish Operation: Cyber Driver. Make Every Voice Count (Silver) Finish Operation: Power to the Sheeple. No Place Like Haum (Silver) Finish Operation: Haum Sweet Haum. Old School Justice (Silver) Finish Operation: Eye for An Eye. Researcher (Silver) Collect all the Key Data hidden in the world. Sabotage (Silver) Finish Operation: Hacker War. The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Silver) Finish Operation: Robot Wars. You're On A Boat! Silver) Finish Operation: Shanghaied. A Ride to Remember (Bronze) Drive one of the Unique Vehicles. Ain't No Stopping (Bronze) Do a bike race. App'ing Around (Bronze) Buy all the apps in the App Shop. Bad Boys (Bronze) Hijack a boat. DedSec-A-Roni (Bronze) Ride a cable car. Doggyland (Bronze) Pet 10 dogs. Earn your Sea Legs (Bronze) Do a sailboat race. Feeding Frenzy (Bronze) Use the "Call the cops" hack on the donut-disguised man in Haight-Ashbury. Got The Shutterbug (Bronze) Take 25 ScoutX location pictures. Hold My Hair (Bronze) Take a picture of someone vomiting. Hold My Hand (Bronze) Successfully complete an online Co-op Operation. I Get Around (Bronze) Do a drone race. In Style (Bronze) Buy the Gatorfeet Whine Country footwear. Jump Around (Bronze) Do a 140 meters long jump while driving a vehicle. Knock You Out (Bronze) Do a stealth takedown on 30 enemies. Let Me Ride (Bronze) Travel 200 meters on top of a car by hacking it. Menace (Bronze) Buy a two handed weapon at the 3D printer. Miniroadtrip! Bronze) Drive 4 km in the world while driving the Merengue from Elek Motors. Natural Born Killer (Bronze) Neutralize 1 Hunter in Bounty Hunter mode. One of the Gang (Bronze) Complete 5 DedSec Events. One-Man Garage (Bronze) Buy 25 cars in car dealerships. Only God Can Judge Me (Bronze) Buy a shirt in the Nudle vending machine. Photobombed! Bronze) Get photobombed in a selfie. Pimp My eKart (Bronze) Get all the eKart upgrades. Please Marcus, Don't Hurt Them (Bronze) Successfully neutralize 5 fugitives in Bounty Hunter. Put Your Damn Pants On (Bronze) Buy some pants after the party. Roboteer (Bronze) Hack a robot. Smooth Felon (Bronze) Escape a Level 5 felony. Something To Ride (Bronze) Hijack a bus. Third Time's the Charm (Bronze) Make 3 jumps in a row aboard a vehicle. Troll'r (Bronze) Successfully invade another hacker. Who Am I (Bronze) Erase your past identity in the Blume servers. Additionally, there are four secret trophies: The Fox (Bronze) Finish Operation: Shadow. Picking Up the Pieces (Silver) Finish Operation: Looking Glass. Leaks and Leaks (Bronze) Finish Operation: Ubistolen. Hack the World (Gold) Trigger the hack of the century.
UnKnoWnCheaTs - Multiplayer Game Hacks and Cheats > First-Person Shooters > Other FPS Games [Release] Super Animal Royale Hack (Aimbot, Auto Shoot, ESP, Walkbot, No Clip) sponsored advertisements Save Authenticator Code Page 1 of 2 1 2 > Thread Tools Super Animal Royale Hack (Aimbot, Auto Shoot, ESP, Walkbot, No Clip) 8th February 2019, 07:04 AM # 1 weeaboospls God-Like Join Date: Jun 2018 Posts: 154 Reputation: 2033 Rep Power: 43 Points: 4, 250, Level: 6 Level up: 73% 250 Points needed Activity: 7. 3% Last Achievements Hey guys, I'm presenting you my new cheat for Super Animal Royale. It's mostly rage features but it includes some legit ones aswell. Features: Aimbot (Pressing aimkey will set your crosshair on the closest player to your crosshair) Silent Aim (You will automatically shoot in the direction of the closest player, no matter where you look) Instant Hit (Shots will hit without delay/travel, works best with Silent Aim enabled) Auto Shoot (Shoots when enemy is hitable within Auto Shoot Range - values much higher than 1000 will likely miss alot) Closest Player ESP (Shows name and pixel distance of the closest player, clips on screen border, useful for legit play) No Clip (You can walk through walls, water etc. ) No Spread (Makes you hit alot more when using Silent Aim + Instant Hit) Walkbot (Takes the fastest route to the closest player, only works well with No Clip, will bhop with Auto BHop enabled) Auto BHop (Holding space will make you auto jump with getting the speed bonus every time, maybe good for legit) CamZoom (Zooms out the camera, can hit performance a bit on higher settings, good for legit play) Install: Copy/Paste. in SteamApps\common\Super Animal Royale\Super Animal Royale_Data\Managed (maybe backup old files) No Injector needed Notes: Don't use this on an account that you care about, you can get manual banned -Avoid spectators when raging if you don't want to get banned quickly -You might get IP banned, in this case you can use any VPN to make a new account or wait for your dynamic IP to change Hotkeys: O - hides the menu - P - shows the menu - K - activates Walkbot - J - deactivates Walkbot - L - turns off all features that could be obvious when someone spectates you Download Last edited by weeaboospls; 8th February 2019 at 07:08 AM. weeaboospls is online now 8th February 2019, 10:30 AM # 2 ohyedatway2 Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2017 Posts: 85 Reputation: 340 Rep Power: 59 Points: 2, 272, Level: 4 Level up: 25% 528 Points needed Activity: 6. 8% Good work, can't wait for it to be approved! This game is kinda like ohyedatway2 is offline 8th February 2019, 06:06 PM # 3 TweedySTeam0632 Posting Well Join Date: Mar 2015 Posts: 34 Reputation: 10 Rep Power: 120 Points: 3, 312, Level: 5 Level up: 64% 288 Points needed Activity: 1. 7% hyped for the approve! can you share source so we can use it faster? TweedySTeam0632 is offline 8th February 2019, 10:49 PM # 4 Threadstarter Quote: Originally Posted by TweedySTeam0632 nah sorry not yet, i don't want to spoonfeed the game devs as much. 9th February 2019, 03:43 PM # 5 pawemol92 ω ι α є є Join Date: May 2013 Location: EU Posts: 200 Reputation: 1442 Rep Power: 167 Points: 7, 881, Level: 10 Level up: 26% 819 Points needed Activity: 1. 5% Great release... pawemol92 is offline 10th February 2019, 12:16 AM # 6 Seanghost Moderator Join Date: May 2017 Location: Tokyo, Japan Posts: 1, 964 Reputation: 35501 Recognitions File Analyzer Points: 67, 223, Level: 38 Level up: 26% 2, 977 Points needed Activity: 25. 5% File Approved SHA256: 7A6A4336A6C14987608B7B1F74B8CAFE0F75F25E32AC25B0AE09839A5E3BD0D9 - SHA256: 2742A2441C1D4C07D55F02CBB23468D4ECC4D6A404741056DF2FA0A7C93903C6 - SHA256: 7F99238D9503AE25028473BBEE8387C8E298B872600A95C12878C8603BA9F77A - SHA256: 8122A9CAC5D7DB15F2C39D631AF45F761893E437FF86F0C8240E24A35A2C0A44 - Interested in how we analyze files? Click here to find out. Thanks for sharing. Discord: Seanghost#0765, Seanghost#5750 UC Rules ❃ UC FAQs ❃ UC Downloads GitHub, PUBG, UCI (GTA V. Deceived Mini (GTA V. Kistune GTA Seanghost is online now 11th February 2019, 07:14 AM # 7 seems like this is already causing some hassle on their discord. guess they probably have figured that there is a public cheat by now, let's see how long this holds up. also rip to this guy (don't use this on paid accounts, especially not with obvious features enabled unless you are in for wasting some money as the devs are currently trying hard to hand out manual bans quickly) 11th February 2019, 07:09 PM # 8 David Lanchoid 1337 H4x0! 2 Join Date: Nov 2014 Location: France Posts: 135 Reputation: 905 Rep Power: 129 Points: 7, 438, Level: 9 Level up: 86% 162 Points needed Activity: 8. 0% Work perfectly THX! The apprentice N00b Hacker My Trainer The Black Masses Demo Wizard And Minions Idle God Eater 3 Deceit - Ammo infinite Wall Street Tycoon David Lanchoid is online now 14th February 2019, 12:06 AM # 9 How did you "framed them with the checkbox" I would like to TRY to do the same on this game I was able to find "Infinite Life & Infinite Item" with DotNetResolver Thank you! 14th February 2019, 02:16 PM # 10 orangekid2003 n00bie Join Date: May 2018 Posts: 3 Rep Power: 42 Points: 568, Level: 1 Level up: 34% 332 Points needed Activity: 2. 7% As of today's valentine update, the cheat seems broken. They renamed to, and while the cheat menu still shows up, it breaks matchmaking to where it says its unavailable. orangekid2003 is offline 14th February 2019, 03:10 PM # 11 Originally Posted by orangekid2003 is not a game file, they can't rename it (curity is a different file and always had that name. I'll look into the new update and see if i can update the cheat accordingly. Edit: already fixed it, gonna update later once i've tried some new things. also Originally Posted by David Lanchoid If you mean the GUI and the game is Unity Engine, read A Beginner's Guide To Hacking Unity Games and Last edited by weeaboospls; 14th February 2019 at 03:34 PM. 15th February 2019, 03:40 AM # 12 Accendio12 Join Date: Feb 2013 Posts: 24 Rep Power: 170 Points: 4, 457, Level: 6 Level up: 96% 43 Points needed Activity: 1. 1% Currently it isn't working, is it? Accendio12 is offline 15th February 2019, 01:54 PM # 13 It has not been updated as of yet, so no. It still has a menu (because its a built in unit menu) but SAR just comes up with matchmaking unavailible. Also, there was a hotfix today that MIGHT have broken the fixes OP made, i don't know. 15th February 2019, 04:07 PM # 14 i have everything working again but they have improved their server sanity checks and some features seem to cause disconnects and possibly auto bans now. currently testing what triggers it and what not, might also look for new exploits. 15th February 2019, 08:27 PM # 15 TiagoCosta Join Date: Dec 2017 Rep Power: 53 Points: 1, 062, Level: 2 Level up: 33% 338 Points needed Activity: 0% What do I inject? so i can hack? TiagoCosta is offline 15th February 2019, 09:12 PM # 16 Alright, was only a matter of time before they upgraded their AC. Good luck! 23rd February 2019, 02:25 PM # 17 Hey any updates? 25th February 2019, 11:00 PM # 18 Originally Posted by ohyedatway2 Well... nope hahahaha 10th March 2019, 08:16 AM # 19 p5y Join Date: Feb 2010 Posts: 11 Rep Power: 242 Points: 6, 724, Level: 9 Level up: 21% 876 Points needed Activity: 3. 4% anything? p5y is offline 8th April 2019, 11:48 AM # 20 krmay Join Date: Aug 2018 Posts: 1 Rep Power: 36 Points: 1, Level: 1 Level up: 0% 1 Points needed wow, Updated? krmay is offline Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post [Discuss] Super Animal Royale Other FPS Games 16th March 2019 10:18 AM [Help] infestation thailand /No Clip/Super Jump ESP [ HELP] dackspeed ISS Emulators 35 1st August 2015 12:23 PM [Release] Necromancy Animal ESP Mizzle420420 DayZ SA 4 12th January 2015 11:23 AM Tags auto, hit, player, closest, walkbot, shoot, legit, animal, aim, features « Previous Thread, Next Thread » Forum Jump All times are GMT. The time now is 08:48 PM. 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