Scary Teacher 3D cheats Simulation genre





Scary Teacher 3D — this game is a representative of the genre “how to get a neighbor. ” In it you need to get the teacher of the main character. She was so tired of the girl that she decided to teach a lesson to the teacher. To do this, you will need to come up with the most sophisticated punishment. We recommend you to download Scary Teacher 3D for Android. The whole game is divided into several levels. And at the same time, the levels are quite complex. You will need to enter the house to the teacher, and find the right items there. When you find an item, the game will tell you the place where it can be used. The hint is given in the form of traces on the floor. When you come to the right place, just use the item. When the trap is created, you will need to leave the house. This is the main difficulty of the game. The level is divided into several stages. In addition, you will not be able to quickly complete the creation of the trap, if you noticed. This is due to the fact that you simply will not get out. When you are done, you will be shown a small scene. In it you can see how this trap will work. You can create a variety of traps. For example, you can find in the house hot pepper, and pour the whole pack of pizza, which is trying to cook a teacher. And then you can see how she tries the resulting dish. Everything is complicated by the fact that there is a view from 3 persons. This does not allow you to see where the teacher is. All information can be obtained by hearing. Therefore, listen carefully to all the steps.

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