Golf Rival hack generator



14 Jan 2020 03:13 AM PDT briefly about it but the CRLS game. Without spending tell
10 762 409 831 126
702 204 63 848 43
752 IQFS 1 RJ 265
34 733 68 779 780
506 267 76 69 SAR
384 57 BX 52 463

Seems they chamged the range some, white works at 3,6,9 Yellow,is off some im guessing it's 7,14,21 Green is smaller now like 9,18,27.
Finally a tool that really work.
Very informative guide, thanks a lot for sharing.
At this point in the game you may not have topspin or sidespin clubs so you probably will not be able to go around the trees so this video will show YOU a better way.
Gotta say that I didnt think a human could be so accurate at this game. Without spending gems you only get 5 attempts every 4 hours and i guess i just dont play enough to know exactly how far from the hole to place the landing point accurately like you do. Now there are new Arena holes that require a special ball to even make the green in 2 and people are still holing out all 9 holes. You should tell us how many green squares per mile per hour. Or is it just a ridiculous amount of play.

Hey, great video. But how do you adjust your shot if you don't want to hit it straight into the hole? You mentioned very briefly about it but the video is more towards hitting str8 in.

Greetings from were of great help to me

It worked thanks. This game have a finaly stage or. It goes up to 1500 for all 9 holes. 👍.

Do the rings change with different clubs and balls

Great save me a lot of time.

PWF I WHJN Worked well! T
77 85 460 104 192
543 R 22 U 982
JT 44 97 MBLP 65
3 BK 972 CR 93
28 Jan 2020 01:13 AM PDT 02/10/2020 685 January 05 94
95 20 74 540 929
IO 542 46 514 53
54 258 730 615 62

Worked well! Thanks. This is very worth of my time. Really Loves this Hack.

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